Early records show, that already back in the year 1426 - more than 500 years ago, the first silver production was registered in the Baw Saing area in the Shan region. Early masters of the trade developed their own designs, occasionally inspired by travelling Chinese silversmiths. Shan silver jewellery gradually became known well beyond its borders . Ornaments and boxes were now marked with their own quality stamp - the peacock hallmark.

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The micho range of jewellery is based on old traditions for silverwork : bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and ornaments (beads). Our signature piece is the real jade (jadeite) disc which shows our national gem in a cool setting. All micho silver is pure 925 sterling silver. The jade gems shown in the pictures are natural stones which may vary in colour.

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When Cho Cho, a young Myanmar girl, was still in shcool, she often travelled upcountry with her father who as a civil servant had to visit many remote towns and villages. During these travels she developed a strong interest for local silver ware and especially in the Shan state she often made sketches of the rings and necklaces worn by the old women. Cho Cho’s interest for old silver jewellery was the beginning of her designer career. She created micho, which combines the ancient silver patterns with contemporary jewellery designs. The micho today is the work of local silversmiths, Myanmar and Danish designers who warrant the quality and the exclusive use of pure 925 silver. A real Myanmar piece of art, which combines ancient craft with new fashion.


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